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gubedaily's Journal

Matthew Gray Gubler Daily
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A daily picture community for Matthew Gray Gubler

Welcome to gubedaily, a daily picture community for actor Matthew Gray Gubler.


1. Be nice to each other. Rudeness, drama and wank will not be tolerated.

2. No bashing of Matthew, his family or his friends, which includes his co-workers.

3. A picture of Matthew will be posted daily by the mods, but we may also sometimes post new sets of pictures or articles or interviews.

3. All posts are moderated, but you are allowed and encouraged to post your own pictures of Matthew should you find new ones that we have not posted yet.

4. Pictures larger than 500px in width must be placed beneath an LJ cut. If you're posting more than one picture, one may be outside the cut but the rest should be beneath it.

5. NO HOTLINKING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Sharing pictures that are posted here is always encouraged, but PLEASE save them and upload them to your own server.

6. If you're posting an article or interview, please make sure you note if there are spoilers in it. ALL spoilers MUST go behind a cut with a warning.

7. No icons, graphics or fic may be posted. There are plenty of other comms to post those at.

8. Community promotion for RELATED communities is currently allowed.

9. You don't need to worry about tagging your posts currently. The mods will take care of that.

10. Questions? Want to affiliate? PM one of the mods: thecowboycliche or the_gubette
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